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Online casino fraudulent behaviour

2008.08.21. 16:47 angloman

The most widespread behaviours reported are refusal to pay cash withdrawals or a cheating casino software. Online casinos with cases reported several times of such behaviour is often referred to as rogue casinos by the online casino player community.

Fraudulent behaviour hurts online gambling and faith put in save gambling too.

There is only one example of such bad behaviour related to the refusal to get paid is the refusal to pay withdrawals right away. A rogue casino may on purpose delay a withdrawal of money hoping that the online casino player will keep on gambling with the cash in his or her account and lose it all back – which may happen, of course.

Cheating casino software instances appear to be rare - nothing to compare with payout problems that are more-and-more common these days.

When a player finds a pattern in a small set of outcomes on a statistical base and this can be a sign of cheating casino software.

Players and participants in the online casino industry alike hold views that most casino software providers (casino brands) offer odds and paybacks that are like land-based casinos.

Many online casino sites have blacklists of cheating online casinos that are worth being avoided by most gamblers.


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