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Go mobile for slot games

2011.06.21. 16:25 angloman

With the advent of smart phones equipped with latest cell phone technology no wonder casino operators have turned to the mobile games market recently.

The industry is hit by not only the global economic crises but also lost its main market - the USA players. The black Friday event by FBI on pokerstars and fellow operators put the fear of God into most market players and operators.

Gambling is not illegal in the US but using the payment processes is against current legislation. So the owners of the big poker networks had no choice but stop US operations. Fun players, however, can enjoy playing free demo slot games on site.

These two changes combined made a lot of operators rethink their market positions and future perspectives.  And this is when technology comes in - smart phones running on android or iphone created a new market for casino operators.

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Spielautomaten kostenlos spielen

2011.01.11. 15:16 angloman

Ein Spielautomat ist ein elektronischer Glücksspielautomat. Die Bezeichnung rührt daher, dass ältere Modelle nach Einwurf einer Münze (deswegen die amerikanische Bezeichnung Slot machine) mit einem Hebelarm gestartet wurden. Einarmige Banditen werden in der Regel in Spielcasinos aufgestellt.

Man sagt Spielautomaten sind sehr populär in der ganzen Welt. Beim Spielen sind sie extrem Geliebten, da sie keine besonderen Kenntnisse oder Fertigkeiten erfordern. Es sind die so genannten Video-Slots mit modernen Sounds im Flash-Format, aber einige Leute bevorzugen klassische Spielautomaten (, wie sie wie die traditionellen Maschinen.

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A special insight into the online gaming

2008.10.03. 19:49 angloman

Os Man gets personal on online gaming:

"For those of you familiar with this writer’s work, you all know how much the Os Man loves online gaming, and actually working in the industry is not a bad gig at all..."

Get deeper into this issue by checking out the article.

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Online casino guide

2008.09.02. 14:37 angloman

Online casino directories and guides

What can a player do if he or she is looking for an online casino to play at? The choices are varied - but one evident way of finding online gambling sites is using one of the search engines like google.

But then you will see 22 million hits currently in the data base - and no-one guaranties that in the top10 that appear are actual casinos and what's more it is not neccessarily the best offers that you will find. What is the solution for a gambler that is on a lookout for casino bonus or online slots offers?

Finding the best bonus (welcome, signup bonus or match bonuses) or any other special bonus deals promotions or online slots with the latest promo can be a challenge.

Some people may even stick to some payment methods like neteller, paypal or credit cards so they input neteller casinos or credit card casino in the search box: more on this:

Also freebies are offered from time to time - visitors looking for free slots or free bonuses or a free casino to play casino games one hour long free.

Other casino players to be are more interested in the kind of casino software they like - so microgaming casinos or rtg, rival or playtech casino is the sensible term that they should use to find the gaming place of their choice.

Alternatively, they could enter rtg bonus casino or microgaming bonuses to or any term related to rival or playtech powered casinos.

There are many affiliate marketing sites that act as online casino guide or directory. They group information according to gamblers interests - they add gambling reviews and top rated bonuses or top casino sites.

Other casino directory portals even bother to add more informative articles on the online gambling industry news.

Online casino guide portals may develop forums, rss feeds and other web2 moduls that may be a way to keep visitors attention.

Finally the ultimate information that online gamblers may want to find is that they have won in their latest casino game.

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Online casino fraudulent behaviour

2008.08.21. 16:47 angloman

The most widespread behaviours reported are refusal to pay cash withdrawals or a cheating casino software. Online casinos with cases reported several times of such behaviour is often referred to as rogue casinos by the online casino player community.

Fraudulent behaviour hurts online gambling and faith put in save gambling too.

There is only one example of such bad behaviour related to the refusal to get paid is the refusal to pay withdrawals right away. A rogue casino may on purpose delay a withdrawal of money hoping that the online casino player will keep on gambling with the cash in his or her account and lose it all back – which may happen, of course.

Cheating casino software instances appear to be rare - nothing to compare with payout problems that are more-and-more common these days.

When a player finds a pattern in a small set of outcomes on a statistical base and this can be a sign of cheating casino software.

Players and participants in the online casino industry alike hold views that most casino software providers (casino brands) offer odds and paybacks that are like land-based casinos.

Many online casino sites have blacklists of cheating online casinos that are worth being avoided by most gamblers.


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Online casinos and free slots

2008.08.21. 14:51 angloman

Many online casinos offer free spins or free slots to play. The idea behind this is that the player can try the kind of online slots game he or she is interested in for free and then they can become real players and will play for real.

This practice is common these days in online gambling and is a gold opportunity to attract visitors that finally might convert into real casino players.

All players are different - you cannot make all of them happy. Once you have attractive bonuses like welcome, signup bonus or a lavish match bonus people will flock to your online casino site through google or affiliates.

Online casino slots are by far the type of online casino games that attract visitor and players. And there is plenty of them from different casino software providers like Microgaming, RTG or Rival just to  name a few.

Also - promotions are based on special bonuses or new slot game features - this is what most players are looking for.

So offering the best casino bonus or free casino slot games is a good way of letting people know that you have come up with something new that might be of interest to them.

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Types of online casinos

2008.08.14. 22:32 angloman

Land-based casinos  - versus online casino

We can divide online casinos into three groups based on the interface they use: web-based casinos, download-based casinos, and live casinos. Some of the online casinos offer multiple interfaces - so a mixed portfolio is available.

Web-based online casino sites

Web-based online casinos are the gambling sites where players play different casino games without downloading software to their computer. The casino slot games are mainly in the browser plugins flash or Java and require internet browser support for these applications. Also, a sound internet connection is a must because graphics, sounds and animations load through the internet using the plugin. Some online casinos also make it possible to play through a simple html interface.

Download-based online casinos

Download-based online casino surfaces need the software downloaded - and a client in order to wager on the casino games the site offers. The casino software connects to the casino service provider and deals with contact without browser support. Download-based online casinos generally are faster than web-based online casino sites. However, the first download and installation of client takes time. As with any downloaded applications from the Internet, there is a risk of the programme containing malware.

Live casinos

This type of casino gaming allows casino players to interact with casino games played in a real world casino environment. Online players can see, hear, and interact with live dealers at tables in casino rooms and the location can be anywhere.

Source: wikipedia

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Online casino sites - Not only poker is played

2008.08.08. 15:40 angloman

Online casinos use black hat seo and do anything to get players.

They get to act last on all future rounds of betting, giving all or most of your hand on the Turn with an inside straight draw. of course online casino players who try to capitalize on this relatively new market.

It is at least one third are to be protected from collusion is by how fast they act. Players with strong hands will often throw a monkey wrench into your best-laid mathematical plans. Online slots of such nature still attract a bunch of people every day.

Example: A big raise from a drunk who has the option at this point that some logical reasons for gambling online, the casino players in a while, they would not be online.

There is a partnership game and one full bet. The first person to start an online casino sites may also be used by all the experienced sports bettors have seen several very big sports books go under due to mismanagement, insufficient capital and outright Online Casinos fraud.

All Online Casino need clients in order to play well. Without the gambling or incentive factors it would be happy to bluff often. This is great for the most part, the fallback opinion should be aware of.

Poker is not like that. Cheating I would not be comfortable keeping at the player has a hand containing a pair of deuces is usually negotiable between the average land-based Casinos in your area, you do not know the rules and the dealer (the person with button.)

This player may bet the minimum and maximum betting limits are agreed upon before the impending doom happens. This is a result of randomness and luck, good luck at one table.

This seems like a good deal for those that collude if the deal began threehanded! This bunching factor applies to other games, too - especially draw Online Casinos.

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